A radical new and fresh approach to academia; education for the 21st century.

Made for Creationalism

Rooted in the work of one of the world’s leading business philosophersAnders Indset, we believe that philosophy should be made applicable and practical in its purest form – exactly how it was intended, learned and taught on the streets of Agora in ancient Greece some 2500 years ago. Sa. | shapingwork academy has co-created educational modules mapping practical philosophy with the best-of-breed within the field of Leadership, Management and Execution. We have been working with some of the leading minds around the world to develop a radical new approach to education, a complete new approach to corporate and leadership development.


“We need the philosophy of the past paired with the scientific progress and technology of tomorrow” Anders Indset, Business Philosopher

Our motivation is to be at the forefront of scientific and technological development and seek plausible explanations of what is to come. It is, furthermore, our motivation to rescue and simplify some of the great models and thoughts from thinkers of the past, understanding that the most complex thing today is simplicity.

With our Sa. | shapingwork academy we are re-defining and re-shaping old models, creating new approaches to education, and supporting organisations and leaders around the world on how to master the skills required in the 21st century.

At the core lies our reshape.inc framework and the methodologies developed around our practical philosophy program, an Individual Learning Proposition (ILP) for you and your organization.


“shapingwork academy offers a radical new and fresh approach to academia, education build in and for the 21st century.” Robin Weninger, Managing Director Sa.