Our Leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, paired with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow

What comes after digital?

For at least 2500 years, people have been asking themselves how to live and lead a good life… What is success? And how do we define success both in subjective terms and also in the business world? How important is money really? Fate? Is leading a good life a question of having the right mindset? Adapting behavior? Setting and reaching goals?

In times of uncertainty and change, should we aim high or lower our risks?

In Management, Leadership and Execution, and in life in general, we are seeking the “golden formula” – the ONE single answer. Yet, we keep raising these questions again and again with no one final answer. There is no holy grail. We understand now through technology and progress, permanent change and revolution, through physics and science, through economy and economic models and our political structures, it is just too complex to summarize into one big idea, one golden rule for all. We need a new approach.

Yes, we need toolkits and methodologies to interpret and try to come up with plausible explanations of the world, and we need our guidance, frameworks and tools to relate to in our practical daily tasks. With abstract questions, we have been bugging our mind for thousands of years, today we seek ways mapping the art of philosophy with our world models, creating a new way of thinking with practical philosophy.

On the rise of our industrial revolution(s), followed by our information age building our hierarchical structure to support our lack of understanding of the world and how things are tied together, we now look at a world of parallel activities – a simultaneity society. With the raising frustration and insecurity – the uncertainty principles of our world – we can easily be misled into being driven by the forces of change and being dragged through life. Like dopamine junkies in permanent reaction mode at an ever increasing speed. Leaders, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, politicians and people in general, all struggle with the lack of suited toolboxes and educational models to bridge the philosophy of the past with the scientific progress and technology of tomorrow… and coping with “the now”.

By building this bridge, Sa. | shapingwork academy for the first time in history aims to create an operating system – an educational program to support our journey of becoming leaders of change and curators of compassion – an operating system for the 21st century in times of simultaneity.

As technology rapidly drills its way into our lives and the waves of A(G)I – Artificial General Intelligence – start to hit, this framework or operating system, guiding principles and toolboxes become more important to have in place than the factual knowledge, our measured IQ and our full bank-account. It is the basis for everything of any possible future success we will measure.

We have created an approach and programs like our Sparks & Keynotes, Masterclasses, Executive Retreats, Creation+ lab and our corporate program The Reshape Inc  for managing and leading the art of doing business, living in harmony and coping with the 21st century through Practical Philosophy.