Philosophy@Work: Business Philosopher Anders Indset initiates a unique crowdfunding project

New perspectives of the leading management thinkers in one book: Together with Thinkers50, the international thought-leader Anders Indset publishes 50 reflections on the applicability of practical philosophy in business and leadership.

(Frankfurt) Managers have always absorbed knowledge and lessons from disciplines like psychology, sociology, and biology. But in times of digitalisation and the associated disruption, new thinking is needed: managers and companies are now more than ever in demand to deal with the ethical challenges. Where do we want to go as a society? What values are guiding our actions? What will come after digitalisation?

Anders Indset sees practical philosophy as the driving force in shaping the way on how to answer these questions in the near future.

He has made it his calling to bring philosophy back to the table in the business world. In cooperation with “Unbound”, the market-leading crowdfunding book publisher, and Thinkers50, he has therefore initiated a groundbreaking project: Philosophy@Work – a book financed through a crowdfunding campaign that will contain 50 contributions by internationally leading thinkers on the applicability of practical philosophy in business and leadership.

Among the authors are world-famous thinkers such as management pioneer Henry Mintzberg, Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics, Marshall Goldsmith, named “One of the top ten executive educators” by the Wall Street Journal, Subir Chowdhury, Anil Gupta, Haiyan Wang, Stew Friedman, Gianpiero Petriglieri, Santiago Iniguez, Erica Dhawan, Mark Esposito, Dorie Clark and many more – all combined in one book for the first time. Thematically, the book will cover a broad spectrum of ideas from personal and leadership development, the forces that inevitably affect our world and how philosophy can be applied in practice to answer our most challenging questions. Including pieces on: What skills do leaders need in the 21st century? How can we define morality and ethics in a changing world? What comes after design thinking and hyped creative workshops? What role do humans play in times of ‘artificial-superintelligence’ and exponential technologies? Can we create a world in which we want to strive and live together on a global scale? Philosophy@Work will not necessarily provide the answers, but rather delivers fresh perspectives and thought-provoking impulses.

For Anders Indset, often referred to as the “Rock’n’Roll Plato”, the project is a matter close to his heart: “René Descartes, who is regarded by many as the father of Western philosophy, teaches us valuable lessons about the way of thinking and how we can get a holistic understanding of the world around us. Figures, data, and measurements do not contain the answers to all questions. They may give us knowledge – but not necessarily understanding. Just because machines and algorithms might be able to do anything – we should ask the question if we should make use of it? It is time to devote ourselves to practical philosophy and apply the teachings of the great thinkers in order to master the upcoming transformation processes. Our Leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, paired with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow.”

“Original thinkers on management are in short supply. That’s why Anders Indset is a breath of fresh and philosophical air. Philosophy@Work is a Smörgåsbord of interesting insights to encourage and enable people to make use of philosophy in business” says Thinkers50 about the book.

Further information about Philosophy@Work and the possibility to support the project can be found here.


Anders Indset is one of the world’s leading business philosophers and a trusted sparring partner to international CEOs and political leaders. Titled “Digital Jesus” and “Rock’n’Roll Plato” by the media, he is currently one of the most popular keynote speakers in Europe with his approaches to practical philosophy. Born in Norway (Trondheim), he lives in Frankfurt and is the owner of Sa. | shapingwork academy, the first corporate and executive education academy based on practical philosophy. By combining the best practices of leadership, management, and execution with philosophy, it offers participants a radical new approach to corporate education. Indset is also a visiting lecturer at leading international business schools and a member of the supervisory board of the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC).

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