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In-depth learning experiences

We offer masterclasses on various topics in a variety of formats for corporates. All masterclasses are deep dives into the topics that move our world combined with our practical philosophy approach and the best-of-breed leadership, management and execution methods. Masterclasses are a blended mix of learning and practice. The duration can range from 1-day sessions to 5-day formats combined with interactive working sessions. Our modules are stand-alone and can be combined and/or cherry-picked based on your needs.

An abstract of our Masterclasses executed

We offer a broad variety of masterclasses around practical philosophy and the best methodologies from management and leadership.


Digital is not just about technology. It impacts, connects and changes everything around us. Welcome to the digital world! New possibilities arise daily, and what was once described as digital revolution must now be understood as an ongoing digital evolution. Yet, new developments will also evolve. So what comes after digital?


What will be next? Flying cars? Eternal life? Human-like robots? We simply do not know. Change is rapid, and it is permanent. Today, we are all leaders of change. What we do know is that there will be great opportunities ahead, and the most exciting times in human history are maybe here. We must understand the forces of change to be able to cope with them.


Coping with our „everyday“ challenges and coping with our fast-paced society, where we keep gathering knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom, is our new reality. The most complex thing in the 21st Century is simplicity. But there is no ONE single answer to it. Through practical philosophy, we can learn to manage and lead the art of doing business, live in harmony and cope with the challenges ahead.


What is knowledge? And do we need to change the way we gather and use it? New times are forcing us to rediscover the art of thinking, to think differently and to be critical about what has long been taken for granted. The Question is the Question.


What does leading in the 21st century mean and which skills must leaders develop to succeed? People and culture must be at the core of every leaders’ actions. Without the buy-in of your people and a culture adapted to the developments of today’s world, business cannot succeed. We need leaders of change and curators of compassion.


It seems like technology make nearly everything possible. Data is gathered about almost everything, and companies become capable of predicting changes in our lives way before we even know them ourselves.

But is this good or bad? right or wrong? Ethics must not be neglected when making decisions about how far we can go with technology. Technologies do not make these decisions by themselves, what matters is what we as human beings make out of it.


In times of rapid change, flexibility and adaptability are crucial skills, not only for individuals but also for companies. We will take a fresh perspective on strategy and how to make it work. What makes an agile strategy and how will it lead to better performance?


Behavioural design is a methodology that seeks to influence people’s behaviour through design practices. Based on knowledge from behavioural science, simple and scalable actions are designed that aim to make a measurable impact on people’s behaviour.


Our challenges are not to outcompete robots and machines, but to focus on what the machines can not do. We need to practice and learn skills around our values and beliefs by tapping into our consciousness, our intuition and our sensory experiences. Together we are forming cultures of co-creation and participation.