Enabling life-long learning, creativity and management excellence

MasterClasses are two or three day sessions that focus on knowledge transfer through lectures and workshops


Digital is not just about technology. It impacts and changes everything around us. New possibilities arise daily and what was once described as digital revolution must now be understood as an ongoing and never-ending digital evolution, and it is highly individual.

Defining what it takes to be a Digital Organisation and how to lead with the Digital Mindset is the core of the MASTERCLASS DIGITAL


What will be next? Flying cars? Eternal life? Human-like robots? We simply do not know. Change is rapid. Change is permanent. Today, we are all leaders of change. What we do know is that there will be great opportunities ahead and we live in maybe the most exciting time in human history.

Being able to adapt to new and fast-changing environments becomes a vital part of our DNA and it is the core of the MASTERCLASS CHANGE


Coping with our „everyday“ challenges and coping with our fast-paced society, where we keep gathering knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom, is our new reality. The most complex thing in the 21st Century is simplicity.

Philosophy can help us find new questions and rediscover the „lost art of thinking“ and it is the core of our MASTERCLASS BUSINESS & PHILOSOPHY

Special Sessions

Gain deep expertise and understanding of today’s essential knowledge

Special Sessions are one day lectures and workshops that focus on one specific area


We explore and introduce different styles of working from the startup world. We will learn about agility and how to use intrapreneurship as innovation catalyst.


Design Thinking is the most successful approach to develop rapid prototypes from a user perspective. We will explore how to make the most of the framework.


We will explore how to make change easier with design. Small modifications have an enormous impact on how we behave.


We will take a fresh perspective on strategy and how to make it work. We will explore what makes a good strategy and how it will lead to better performance.


A special session focusing on goal-setting and the management style used in Silicon Valley. We will discover how to engage and align a whole organisation.

Executive Programs

Your companion for the future of work, more than just education

Executive Programs support participants over the course of one year to realise their full potential


We have developed a roadmap that supports companies on their way to becoming digital.

Starting with evaluating the current level of digital maturity of your company, we will define first digital change initiatives. Further, we will prepare your company for long-term survival in the digital age.

The Change Program

Permanent revolution! The only constant is change. More important than ever before has change management become one of the major management tasks today.

In our Change program we will explore new concepts to cope better and more sustainable with change. With interdisciplinary approaches and multidimensional change approaches, the participants will learn how to empower the whole organisation and make change finally work.

Innovation Manucatory Program

Creating something beautiful and something of value is vital for every organisation. Within the digital world, however, many companies struggle to excel in innovating great products and finding their digital value proposition.

Our Innovation Manufactory Program sheds light on how to innovate effectively and how to do it in an agile manner.


Establish a deep relationship with one or many of the world’s leading thinkers from various fields based on your special needs.

The CEO-sparring is a unique opportunity to discuss your challenges in an intimate and honest atmosphere build on mutual trust.


The Reshape Inc. is an executive program that focuses on reshaping and reorganising current programs, projects and initiatives that fail to deliver as expected.

The program is a hybrid of training, consulting and coaching and will be designed according to the individual needs.


We have teamed up with the greatest academics, thought leaders and management thinkers to create a holistic management framework. A framework made for the future of work.

In this program, we will explore all areas and skills as well as the right mindset that is required to excel in today’s world.