We lead and guide organisations through their challenges as the vanguard of change. We do this by seeking new questions and plausible explanations through the development of new educational models to shape leaders to become “leaders of change” and “maximisers of empathy”.
shapingwork builds on the groundbreaking work of Europe`s leading business-philosopher, Anders Indset. Our mission is to create interdisciplinary and fresh approaches that aim to form agile, self-sustaining and robust organisations. Our signature framework is a holistic approach to reshape organisations for the 21st Century by combining the strategic-processual management dimension with the cultural-human leadership dimension whilst aligning the action-technology execution dimension.
We are here to leave sustainable footprints for the future of work.

We are maximisers of empathy and leaders of change.

We are shaping organisations by empowering the leaders of today and tomorrow through executive education and tailor-made sparring.


Strategy sets the overall course of direction. Have a good and suitable one!


In times of rapid change a strong culture gives stability. Build a great one!


Without execution progress won't happen. Get it done!


Processes align and let your strategy flow around. Draft them!


At the heart of every company are its people. Focus on them!


Technology is one of the major drivers of change. Make use of it!