The Reshape Inc.

The Reshape Inc. is a program developed for companies that are currently in a phase of rapid change. May it be integrating larger units through consolidation or acquisition, being forced to change the business model or being in need of a „reignition” to overcome crises, The Reshape Inc. helps solving the challenges your company is facing.

The program follows three basic steps: Restore, Reset and Reignite.

  1. During the first phase, the restoring, it is all about bringing clarity into times of crisis. What must be established is precision, transparency and responsibility.
  2. The second step is resetting. Now, that the problem has become clear, it is time to restart the project or entire organisation. Initiate a „new“ start on both structural as well as emotional level.
  3. Lastly, we will enter the phase of reignition. This phase is composed of three stages. First, the new approach needs to be installed within the organisation. Then, it will be shaped aiming to reach the third stage — a state of „excellence“.

We will design The Reshape Inc. program according to your organisation’s individual needs.
It may consist of tailor-made programs, masterclasses on shapingwork modules as well as CEO-Sparrings. Further, keynotes and on- or off-site inspiration can be added to the offer.